Taste the Land — Jamaica

Jamaica was an unforgettable experience, filled with adventure, relaxation, and a deep connection with nature. I chose to stay in a magnificent villa nestled in the hills of Montego Bay. This spacious villa, surrounded by lush greenery, offered a private retreat with the added bonus of a variety of fruit trees on the property. From Julie mangos to breadfruit, prickly pear, and star fruit, the abundance of fresh fruits right at my doorstep was a delightful treat. 

The villa's location was perfect—secluded enough to provide peace and tranquility, yet just a short drive from the bustling Montego Bay strip. Each day began with the sweet aroma of ripe fruits and the soothing sounds of nature. After a leisurely breakfast, I would often take a scenic run to explore the vibrant city from the hills. Montego Bay is rich in culture and offers a plethora of activities, from shopping at local markets to enjoying the lively nightlife. But one was in Jamaica to get away from humans and more into nature.

Journey to Trelawny

One of the highlights of my trip was renting a car and driving to the countryside of Trelawny. While sade played in the background, the drive itself was an adventure, with breathtaking views of the Jamaican landscape. In Trelawny, I linked up with chef vita Ja, and we prepared food in a peaceful outdoor location  – set in the midst of a forest, right next to a serene river. The meal was nothing short of spectacular. Fresh, flavorful, and entirely plant-based. We talked about our surprisingly familiar upbringing and how it charged us to experience a natural holistic lifestyle. The dishes chef prepared were a testament to the richness of his spiritual rastafarian lineage and Jamaican culture.

GOD’s Country

After the delightful meal, we joined the locals for a refreshing swim in the river. The cool, clear water was the perfect antidote to the warm weather, and it was a joy to swim alongside the friendly residents. The day continued with a hike through the woods, where I marveled at the diverse flora and fauna. The natural beauty of Trelawny is captivating, and each step of the hike revealed new wonders.


Perfect Weather and Market Visits

Throughout my stay, the weather was consistently perfect—warm, sunny days with gentle breezes. This ideal climate made every outdoor activity even more enjoyable. One of my favorite experiences was visiting the local farmers' market. Here, I indulged in fresh ackee, sugar cane, watermelon, pineapples, and more. The vibrant colors and flavors of the produce were a feast for the senses, and interacting with the local vendors added a personal touch to the experience.

In all…

My 7-day stay in Jamaica was a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural immersion. The villa in Montego Bay provided a luxurious and serene home base, while the excursions to Trelawny and the local markets offered a taste of authentic Jamaican life. Whether swimming in a river, hiking through lush forests, or savoring fresh, delicious food, every moment of the trip was filled with joy and discovery. Jamaica's natural beauty, friendly people, and rich culture make it a destination I would highly recommend to anyone seeking a memorable and enriching experience.

Bless up.

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